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Result of Tärntank’s health campaign spring 2012

We are glad to inform the results from our Health Campaign, spring 2012. The Winners as follows.

For most collected points:

· 1st prize: Rafal Ozga Bosun Tarnsjo 635 points

· 2nd prize:  Krystof Sypek Cook Tarnsjo 475 points

· 3rd prize: Roman Pozarowzczyk Master Tarnbris 377 points

For randomly 10 prizes for remaining participants despite of collected points:

· Oleg Kirillov 2/O Tarnsjo 144 points

· Schikran Barkarmo Personnel Coordinator 48 points

· Chando Montillano Master Tarndal 266 points

· Gustav Brising Master Ternvik 205 points

· Joachim Kraaij Cook Ternvag 196 points

· Ingrid Wiberg Office 113 pionts

· Noel Modina Motorman Tarnfors 55 points

· Ernesto Beltran C/O Ternvik 57 points

· Gert Seger C/O Ternholm 28 points

· John Napalinga C/O Tarndal 34 points

Congratulations and well done all of you who has participate in this Campaign!!