M/T Tern SeaPDF


Builder: Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding co. LTD, Cina 2016
Class notation: BV XHULL, XMACH, OIL Tanker, Chemical Tanker Dualfuel,ESP, Unrestricted Navigation, ICE CLASS 1A, XAUT-UMS, SYSNEQ, MON-SHAFT, VCS, INWATERSURVEY, CLEANSHIP


Imo No: 9747974
Flag: DIS
Call Sign: OYBD2
Length Overall: 147.00 m
Length Between Perpendicular: 143.50 m
Breath (moulded): 22.00 m
Depth (moulded): 11.70 m
Draught (scantling): 9.00 m
Deadweight (at scantling draught): 15.000 t
Gross tonnage: 11.374 t
Net tonnage: 4.780 t
Hull no: AD0025
Design: Rolls-Royce Marine AS, type NVC 615 CT
Consumtion: 12.0 knots 8.9 tonst LNG/Day
Marine gas oil 610m3
Cargo tank capacity 98%:: 16.548m3
Ballast  water tanks: 6.636m3
LNG fuel storage tanks 630m3
Marine gas oil 610m3
Slop tanks: 242m3
Tech fresh water tanks: 325m3
Urea: 52m3
Tank coating: MarineLine784
Cargo Pumps: Deepwell pumps type DW 200/250 multisuction. Frequency controlled 450 m3/h at 120 m.l.c.
Cargo Alarm & monitoring systems: Kongsberg Tank Radar,K-Chief 600 alarm, monitoring & control system, Operator station-OS. Kockumation Loading computer.
Intergas system: The Inertgas system is using one existing dedicated Thermal oil heater with a burner modified to also be able to generate Inertgas. Capacity 3950 m3/h.
NitrogenSystem: A N2 generator, cap. abt. 100 Nm3/h @ 96% N2 installed in ER. N2 buffer tank of about 20 m3 for Cargo handling. Buffer tank serving dual fuel machinery in ER also installed.
Balast water treatment: Panasia GloEn-Patrol™ BWMS is a combined treatment system taking advantage of Filter and UV units most environmentally friendly and optimally designed. Treatment Capacity: 1200m3/hr x 1 set
Bowthruster: 1 Tunnel Thruster 1650 AUX CP 865 kW 60Hz. DNV Class notation Ice 1A.
Main Engine: Wärtsilä 5RT-flex 50 DF 5.850 kW 102 RPM 2-stroke, low pressure, LNG dual-fuel engine.
Fuel management: Kongsberg fuel performance system, Shaft Torque/Power, Fuel Index, Ships speed, Fuel flowmeters.
AuxiliaryDiesel: GENERATOR SET DATA 3 x Mitsubishi MAS 850-S, 790 kWe @ 1800rpm, 60Hz
Catamiser: Combined exhaust gas heat recovery and SCR for NOx reduction below Tier III
Shaft Generator: Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator with Variable Frequency Drive to allow running the Engine/Propeller in Combinator mode for optimum efficiency. Rated output shaft generator PTO 780 kW / PTI 1000 Kw.