M/T TarnforsPDF


Builder: Qui Xin Shipyard Shanghai 1998, 8245 dwt Product/Chemical Carrier
Class notation: DNV +1A1 ICE-1A*F Tanker for Chemicals and Oil Products ESP E0 LCS-SI HL(1.54) TMON


IMO no: 9167930
Flagg: DIS
Call sign: OWQG2
Length over all: 115,10M
Length between p.p.: 107,83M
Breadth moulded: 18,25M
Depth moulded: 9,88M
Draught International: (Summer) 7,50M
Deadweight at 7,50: 8245Mt
Draught National Coast: N/A
Gross Tonnage: 5698GRT
./. SBT: 1081GRT
Net Tonnage: 2607GRT
Cargo tank capacity: (98%) 8988Cbm
Ballast tank capacity: 3830Cbm
Heavy Fuel Oil: 422Cbm
Diesel Oil: 145Cbm
Fresh water: 278Cbm
Speed 80%: Loaded 14Knots
Consumption: 14Mt/day
Tank Configuration: 2 x 5 cargo tanks plus two sloptanks divided P & S by centre bulkhead and building. 5 natural segregation?s of: 1145 cbm + 1967 cbm + 2289 cbm + 2098 cbm + 1489 cbm. Double skin and double bottom for clean water ballast in cargo area.
Tank Coating: Cargo and slop tanks, Sigma Phenguard.
Cargo Pipeline: Cross manifold with seven 10″ mains stainless steel, each connected to two cargo tanks, building fi ve naturalsegregation.
Cargo Pumps: Ten Frank Mohn hydraulically driven pumps, type SD 150, 350 cbm/h, one Frank Mohn portable hydraulically driven pump, type TK-80, 80 cbm/h. Total simultaneous pumping capacity 2100 cbm/h.
Cargo Control System/ Closed Loading: Cargo and system remote monitored by computers (Autronica) from cargo control room. Cargo monitoring system type GL-90. Closed loading system (acc. to SOLAS 74/8 reg. 59) by return vapour lines, high-high level alarms and remote temperature and pressure readout in control room.
Cargo heating: Steam driven Aalborg heat exchangers, one for each cargo tank, mounted on deck. 6 x 230kW + 4 x 150kW.
Tank cleaning: 23 Fixed Toftejorg tank washing machines for hot water, MST 50. One tank cleaning water heaters (2200kW). Two FW tanks for tank washing water total capacity 143 cbm.
Ballast pumps: Two Frank Mohn type VH-200 ballast pumps. Capacity each 350 cbm/h against 20 mWC.
Main engine: One Stork Wärtsilä 6 cyl. diesel engine, type 6L38, four stroke, medium speed, turbocharged and intercooled engine with direct injection of fuel, developing 3960kW/600 RPM, running on HFO 380 cSt at 50 C. Booster mode: 5280 kW (ME + Shaft gen. As motor).
Reduction gear: Wichmann SCV950 ? P580 APD 600 / 130 rpm, PTO / PTI : 1200 rpm, 1320 kW.
Controllable pitch propeller: Wärtsilä type Wichman CP130, diameter 4300mm.
Rudder: Type FKSR Becker 45°+ fl ap 45°
Bow thruster: One Brunwoll. hydraulically driven 588 kw.
Aux. Engines: Two Catepillar diesel sets 3508/720 kW connected to AVK generators developing 900 kVA 60 hz and one 3408C/360 kW connected to a AVK generator developing 438 kVA 60hz .
Shaft generator: One AVK generator, developing 1626 kVA , 60 hz at 1200 rpm. Capable of being used as propulsion engine or extra boost to main engine. Service speed on shaft generator loaded: 7 kn.
Emergency generator: One MAN diesel engine type DO 226 MLF, 109 kW connected to a AVK generator, 125kVA 450V, 60 hz.
Exhaust and aux. boilers: One exhaust boiler type Aalborg AQ 16 1,0 Mpa. One auxillary boiler type Aalborg AQ9 8,6 mt/h 1,2 Mpa.
Windlass and mooring winches: 2 x combined anchor/mooring winches, Pusnaes A/S, 10 tonnes fore. 2 mooring winches, Pusnaes A/S, 8 tonnes aft. 1 mooring winches, Pusnaes A/S, 6 tonnes fore.
Deck cranes: Two DREGGER deck cranes, 5m/3 tonnes SWL Aft, 15m/2 tonnes SWL fore. One single MOB/Liferaft crane.
Navigation equipment: 2 Arpa radars (S and X band), electronic log, 1 gyrocompass, autopilot, echo sounder, Loran-C navigation system, 1 DGPS, 2 GPS satellite navigators, Weatherfax, Navtex, 2 x TRANSAS ECDIS navigation system, ROT-rate of turn indicator, GSM + NMT mobile telephone with FAX, Satcom B, Satcom C, NBDP telex, HF/MF radio station, 3 VHF sets, 3 portable VHF sets, 5 portable UHF sets.
Accommodation: Living quarters situated aft with public room and 6 Single cabins with separate bedrooms/toilets/bathrooms. 8 Single cabins with toilets/bathrooms.