M/T TarnbrisPDF


Builder: Selah Shipyard Hull 49, Turkey 2007.
Class notation: DNV +1A1 ICE-1A Tanker for Chemicals and Oil ESP E0 CCO VCS-1 CLEAN BIS INERT TMON


Imo No: 9372652
Flag: DIS
Call Sign: OZDU2
Length Overall: 129.50 m
Length Between Perpendicular: 122.00 m
Breath (moulded): 19.80 m
Depth (moulded): 10.40 m
Draught (scantling): 8.15 m
Deadweight (at scantling draught): 11.288 t
Gross tonnage: 7315 t
Net tonnage: 3589 t
Cargo tank capacity 98%: 12.208 CBM
Segregated ballast tanks: 4.420m3
HFO: 582 m3
Diesel oil: 90m3
Engine Sludge Tank: 26m3
Lub oil: 38m3
Thermal oil: 21m3
Fresh Water: 90m3
Fresh Water for technical purpose: 172 m3
Speed (%90 MCR) at design draft: 14.8±0.5
Fuel oil consumption (approx.) at design draft: 17.0 t/day
Tank configuration: 2 x 6 cargo-tanks divided P&S by center bulkhead and building 6 natural segregation’s for transportation of chemical and oil products of specifi c cargo gravity up to 1.54t/m3at 80 C.
Cargo Tank1 (P+S 100%: 1130 m3
Cargo Tank 2 (P+S 100%: 2110 m3
Cargo Tank 3 P+S 100%: 2370 m3
Cargo Tank4 P+S 100%: 2370 m3
CargoTank5 P+S 100%: 2360 m3
CargoTank6 P+S 100%: 2110 m3
Total: 12.450 m3
Deck Tanks (P+S) 100%: 260 m3
Tankcoating: All cargo and deck tanks are coated with a phenolic novolac epoxy, I-lempadur 15500.
Cargo pipeline: Manifold No. 1-6 port and starboard side 10 inches. All cargo lines from manifold to cargo tanks are made of stainless steel 316L
Cargo pumps: 12 x Marfl ex electrically driven frequency controlled centrifugal pumps for cargo tanks. Type MDPD-100, 250 m3/h at 110 m I.c, s.g. 1,0 (max 1,54). 2 x Marfl ex electrically driven frequency controlled centrifugal pumps for deck tanks. Type MDPD-80, 100 m3/hat110mI.c,s.g.1,0 (max1,54).1XMarfl exportable hydraulically driven pump for emergency discharge Delivery 70 3/h.
Cargo control system i closed loading: There is a Saab tank-radar in each cargo and deck tanks for monitoring level, temp and pressure. All Cargo handling is remote monitored and controlled from the cargo control room. Closed loading system (acc. to SOLAS 74/8 reg. 59) by vapour return lines, high-high level alarms, temperature and pressure readout in cargo control room.
Cargo heating: Primary and Secondary thermal oil system with Stainless Steel coils in cargo tanks, quality AISI 316 L.Cargo holding temp 66 C at 0 C sea water temperature and minus 10 C in air temperature, Heating up cargo 44 degrees -66 degrees 132 hours.
Tank cleaning: 26 fi xed single nozzle, turbine driven, and programmable multistage Scanjet tank cleaning machines type SC 30 TL, capacity 8 m3/h at 8 bar inlet pressure. Two Portable cleaning machines Type SC15TW Capacity 10m“/h at 10bar. 1 x Butterworth heaters 3500 KW, sea water/ freshwater capacity each 35 m3/h at delta temp. 70 degrees Celsius. 2 x technical FW tanks, 172 cbm for tank washing water.
Gas freeing: A fi xed tank DN250 (port and starboard) is fi tted on deck. The drying fan capacity is 12.000 m3/h- 1.000 pa. The drying fan is located at manifold area in tank drying fan room at main deck level. An air heater is fi tted beyond ofthe fan.The heater capacity is 165 kw. The fan is of anti sparking type and the electric motor is exproof type.
Ballast pumps: 2 x AZCUE centrifugal pumps, capacity each 335M3/h 2,5 Bar.
Main engine: One Mak 9 cyl. diesel engine, type 9M 32 C, turbo charged, four stoke, single acting, developing 4500kW/600 RPM, running on HFO 380 cSt st 50.
Reduction gear: ZF I Type: W 93300, 130 rpm. PTO / PTI Type primary driven, mechanical coupling output 1500 KW/ 1200 rpm.
Controllable pitch propeller: ZF, 4 bIade,High skew, hub KH4-1200, 132 rpm, 4800mm, Stern Tube: Oil Lubricated; seamless
Rudder: The ship is provided with 1 x streamlined balanced spade suspended rudder 2 x 70°. The rudder blade is made of a welded construction.
Bow thruster: 1 x SCHOTTEL thruster type STT 330 T-LK 530 kw, 1770 Rpm.
Auxiliary engines: 3 X LIAG/MAN D-2842 LE592 KW, 1800 rpm, 60 Hz.
Shaft generator: Marine Synchronous generator for PTO / PTI application, type AVK1750 kVA Shafi alternator 1600 kWemotor (Temp.Rise F). Capable of being used as propulsion engine, service speed on shaft generator loaded: 7kn
Emergency generator: 1 X LIAG/MAN D 2866 TE 150 KW, 1800 rpm, 60 HZ.
Thermal oil boilers: 2 x P\/VT BOILER Thermal Oil Heater 2×2000 kW.
Exhaust gas heater: 1x PV\/T BOILER 6O0KW
Windlass and mooring winches: Totally 6 double drums SEC EHMW100 KNEex winches with a brakeholdingloadof32tonnes. Twoofthesearecombined anchor/mooring winches.
Deck cranes: 1x Hose handling crane GURDESAN, length 16 meter/5 tonnes SWL.1 x Provision Crane GURDESAN length 7 meter/ 2 tonnes SWL.
Navigation equipment and communication equipment: 2 x Consilium X-band and S-band ARPA Radars, 2 x Transas Ecdis, Consilium Voyage Data Recorder, GPS and DGPS, Sailor GMDSS equipment.
Accommodation: Living quarters situated att with public rooms and recreation facilities. 9 Single berth cabins for crew and 7 single berth cabins for ofi icers.