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Terntank Rederi A/S orders the worlds most environmentally friendly tankers

Terntank orders two new LNG-driven 15,000 DWT tankers with delivery in February and May 2016. The order also includes an option for two more vessels. Terntank is the first shipowner to order vessels within the project platform Zero Vision Tool (ZVT).

With a newly developed dual fuel main engine from Wartsila and an advanced hull design from Rolls Royce Terntanks new vessels will be able to meet all future regulations already in 2016. The vessels emission of particles will be reduced by more than 90%, NOx by 80% and CO2 by 35% and the vessels will be built in accordance with IMO Tier III regulations..

– We will be using a large propeller together with a large main engine that only needs 65% of the maximum effect to reach a service speed of 14.5 knots. With LNG having a10 to 15 percent better energy value compared to marine gasoil and with an optimized underwater hull design the vessels will have a fuel consumption of between 13.5 and 14.0 ton per day compared to todays 22 ton for existing vessels of similar size, says Jens P Buchhave, Managing Director of Terntank Rederi A/S.

In order to cope with the higher building cost for these vessels Terntank is, together with other participants in the ZVT, working towards Ports and Governmental institutions for a 90% reduction in port costs and fairway dues.

For further information

Please contact or  Jens P Buchhave, Managing Director, at  +45 30 45 15 18, or Tryggve Möller at +46 31 97 29 05,




A nice piece of art…

Above a nice piece of woodwork created by a friend to one of our seafarer. This art can be spotted in our office in Manila.




Terntank proudly presents…

Joel Gustafsson who has just started as Charterer for Terntank’s chartering department.

Joel brings with him a double bachelor degree in Business Economics and Philosophy from New York. He also holds a degree from Lloyds Maritime Academy, Chartering, New building, Sale & Purchase and Maritime law.

Prior joining Terntank Joel held a position as a projects broker for Maersk Broker in Copenhagen.

We are confident that Joel will strengthen our commercial team.

Welcome Joel to our team!




New staff in Terntank team Manila

We welcome Ms Prescilla Aguila to our Terntank team! She has many years experience from accounting within shipping and manpower industry and will be a good contribution to our economy department in our office in Manila.




Officers conference October 2013

We just ended up our last conference for this year held in October. It was a pleasure and we had a very good gathering with fruitful discussions.Thank You all for a another great conference!